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Your Guide to Gutter Protection

Thank you for considering Gutter Topper® gutter protection, tested and proven to provide superior performance and lasting value. Thousands of satisfied customers across the U.S. and Canada protect their homes with our products today.

Yet we understand that choosing a home gutter protection solution takes time, especially with all of the products on the market today. You need to make informed decisions, and this guide helps you do that.

It contains concise, clear, general information on gutters to help you narrow your choices and choose the best rain gutter manufacturer for your home. You’ll learn the basics about gutter home protection, we’ll clear up any misconceptions you may have, and outline the different types of gutters available — including their advantages and disadvantages.

We’ll share some key points to keep in mind, like the rain gutter manufacturer’s reputation, and product quality, reliability, and performance. The warranty that protects your investment should be an important part of the decision process, as well, as it adds value to your purchase and to your home.

You’ll find out how independent testing allows you to rest easy following the purchase of your gutters, knowing you’ve selected a product proven to give you a lifetime of service.

Finally, we’ll arm you with the right questions to ask gutter protection contractors, including how to determine if they use certified installation professionals.

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