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Gutters do not and will not cause ice. The cause of ice is either because of inadequate insulation, ventilation or both. Open, uncovered gutters are just at the wrong place at the wrong time and get the brunt of homeowners’ frustration and confusion when ice forms.

So what is the true cause of ice? Heat loss from your home to your attic area is the primary cause of ice dams. The reason ice and ice dams form is because warm air leaks from the living space below. The warm air then melts the snow on the roof; this produces water. That water then trickles down, under the snow, to the colder edge of the roof. Once the water hits that colder edge, it freezes and produces ice. The snow that accumulates on the roof acts as an insulator. It traps more heat in the attic, which makes the roof warmer. This trapped heat melts more snow. The more snow that melts and the colder temperatures during the winter, means more ice at the eaves of your roof.

When ice and snow accumulate inside your gutters, they become strained. The weight of the ice and snow can buckle the gutter, rip the gutter or even pull it from the fascia. Most of the time when a gutter becomes weighed down, it will take the fascia board with it as it tumbles to the ground. How can you help prevent the ice and snow from damaging the gutters in the winter due to weight? Choose Gutter Topper!

Gutter Topper not only keeps debris out of your gutter, it helps in the winter, too. Gutter Topper can handle 1,200 pounds per square foot of snow and ice. That translates to great news for customers who have extensive ice problems and want their gutters to stay attached to their home in the winter. But, please note that absolutely no gutter cover or gutter protection system can ever eliminate your ice issues or ice damage.

Gutter Topper is installed under the first layer of shingles. The weight that would normally be inside of your open, uncovered gutter is now on Gutter Topper. The ice and snow will build up on The Gutter Topper instead of inside of your gutter. In fact, the installation of Gutter Topper actually strengthens your existing gutter system. Conventional gutters are secured to your fascia board with either hangers or large spikes. Since they are hung from a vertical surface, all of the weight is on the fasteners. Gutter Topper is secured to the roof sheeting and gutter lip; there are two points of contact for added strength.

When the snow and ice melt off Gutter Topper, for the most part, the water will flow into your gutters. You will still get the ice, but Gutter Topper will help protect the gutter from the weight of the ice. Gutter Topper is made from aluminum and is installed with a pitch, which means that the ice and snow will slide off this product. Ice will accumulate on Gutter Topper, and on a warm day, the sun is able to warm the ice that has built up, it will slide off, usually in sheets. Again, Gutter Topper will not prevent your ice problem, no gutter cover will, but it will help keep your gutters attached to your home during the brunt of the winter season.

This picture shows what can happen to an open, uncovered gutter during the winter. The gutter has pulled away from the fascia board and has taken the fascia board with the gutter. Gutter Topper can help reduce damage like this from ice.

Gutter Topper® handles the ice and snow of rough winters.